Concalve of Senior & Presiding Bishops
Arch Bishop Judge King, Bishop U.S. King, Bishop E.L. McBride, Bishop J.E. Williams, Bishop B.R. Brown, Bishop G.E. Jones, Bishop R.L. Swain, Bishop Craig E. Brown

"WE'RE OUT..."

of Bondage | of Depression | of Poverty | of Pain | of Darkness (and into the Light) | of Being Discouraged, Defeated, Depressed | of Excuses | of Shame
Of Fear | Of Tears

Celebrating 100 Years



July 24-29, 2022 - Beaumont, TX

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6:30 PM

6:00 PM

6:30 PM

6:30 PM

6:30 PM

6:30 PM

Opening Night

Centennial Banquet

Consecration of Auxiliary Bishops

Evening Speakers

Bishop Ricky Logan

Bishop Erika Braxter

Bishop Titus Smith

Bishop Vernon James

Keynote Speakers

Bishop Eldridge Charlot

Pastor Karen Baines

Dr. John Adolph

Prophetess Michelle Coleman

Pastor Ulysses King

Bishop Craig Brown

Morning Services – 9:30 AM





Min. Teruko “Dee Dee” Williams

Elder Raphael Williams

Pastor James Williams

Pastor Mae Williams

Aux. Bishop Robert Burrell

Dr. Shari Pouncey

Supt. Judy Pendleton

First Lady Cynthia Crochett

Bishop-elect Stanley Kerr

Elder Calvin King

Supt. Robert Brown

Capacity permitting, morning services being at 9:30 AM each day and will be held at New Temple CHSC, 3830 Pine St., Beaumont, Texas.  Scheduled speakers are subject to adjustments.

The National Women’s Department has always played a vital role throughout the 112 year history of Christ Holy Sanctified Church continues upholding the standard of excellence and being devout, holy,  and anointed women of God.  

This portal is a resource center for the organization’s pastors and jurisdiction bishops containing forms, documents, manuals, and presentations. For Credentials & Compliance, ordination and licensing forms, documents, and templates are also accessed via these portals.

Serves throughout the year sponsoring and supporting orphans, covenant ministry partners, assisting with food, shelters, and basic hygienic supplies and establishing church missions in forteign countries.  Contributions can be made directly from this website.

300-20-12.  This is an opportunity for members to give to the organization we all love.  If only 300 people gave $20/month for 12 months, the results would be spectacular.  Gideon only used 300 out of the tens of thousands so nothing is impossible.

Jurisdiction Happenings

News and Events

Call for Media

If you have vintage or memorable media that may possibly be included in the 100th Year Holy Convocation Documentary DVD, you are encouraged to share your media (still photos, 8mm, VHS, etc.) with the production soon as possible.  Please send an e-mail to

Registration is now open for the 2022 Holy Convoctation – Celebrating 100 years of Holy Convocations.  You do not want to miss this grand event because you will not see the next 100 years. 

Home Goings

Fairness, Integrity, Transparency (FIT)

Christ Holy Sanctified Church is commited to:

FAIRNESS: For all, and “all the time.”  What applies to one, applies to all.  What applies to some, applies to all.  If there is a mistake or an unintentional oversight, we will “fix it”.

INTEGRITY: What is said, written, or carried out regarding the business of the organization will be done with utmost honesty.

TRANSPARENCY: Financial accountability in the reporting of all funds at the organization, jurisdiction, and individual levels.  The reports will be made availbale (relating to the clergy) are: Statement of Activities, Statement of Position, Credential Fee payments, jurisdiction reporting to the National, Auxiliary reporting, and Partnering summary.  CHSC is in affilation with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

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