Christ Holy Sanctified Church is pleased to announce new innovations available for the clergy of Christ Holy Sanctified Church, especially for those in pastoral leadership.  “Clergy Management and Resource System” (CMRS) is our new system that will be composed of a data warehouse and a vast knowledge base pertaining to church administration.  The following are just a few of the divisions that the system will contain:
  • Liturgy documents and templates
  • Policy and Procedure
  • Legal and Precedence
  • Job Descriptions
  • Biblical and Cultural Material
The above areas of church administration will be known as “Acceleration in Leadership” (AIL) which many of the principles and concepts can also be applied in many areas in the progressive business world as CHSC is growing this system from within and also partnering with experts and leaders in the legal, accounting integrity and transparency, HR, church organization and administration, and “like” organizations.  In fact, we are already partnering with an outside consultant who will be assisting me in the organization and presentation of the knowledge base. 
For our existing pastors and leaders, we certainly respect the many years of experience and the expertise so many of you possess; therefore, this information, once completed, will be made available to you, if you desire.  However, for our new pastors with less than three years of pastoral experience and those pastors joining CHSC effective 2014, “Acceleration in Leadership” is a requirement as the focus is consistency and excellence in this great organization. 
Regarding CMRS, this very robust system will not only house basic demographic information pertaining to clergy such as name, addresses, email, phone, title, position/rank, jurisdiction, church name, and so forth, but it will also manage and print our credentials, certificates (license and ordained), local church affiliation letters, certifications, update letters and notices…and so much more.  In addition, it will also house historical and detailed financial data per individual and will be able to report payment of Credential Fees and giving of official honorariums. Also, as a CHSC clergy, you have the tools to access the system (using a unique username and password) to update your personal demographic data and to view your credential payments and giving to the official honorarium or other areas that are tracked. 
Any questions or if you need other information, please direct to
We’re looking and moving forward.  What about you?