***Concert Tickets***
Purchase concert tickets now for only $10 ($15 – day of the concert)
*** Registration ***
Includes “preferred and reserved seating”,  program book, registration material, the “bag-stuffers.”  Also, discounts on selected CHSC products. 
Generations “X” and “Y” Offer:
Seared Chicken Breast – $60 for Gen Y; $65 for Gen “X”
Sliced Beef Brisket – $65 for Gen “Y”; $70 for Gen “X”
The Unity and Honors Banquet will take place on Monday, August 13, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the beautiful Sheraton Hotel – Downtown Fort Worth, 1701 Commerce Street, Fort Worth, TX.  Support your jurisdiction and help it to achieve its goal.  Once the target of tickets sold has been achieved, we may not be able to add additional attendees.  Reserve your seat(s) or table today! 
*** Special Offer ***  If you want to attend but are not able to play online today, send an email to info@chschurch.org with your name, number of tickets, meal selection and your pastor’s name to info@chschurch.org.
Separate registration and noon luncheon in support of Women’s Day.
Annual gathering of first ladies with CHSC’s First Lady Debbie Brown.  This gathering is for first ladies only.