Houston, No Problem

La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa – The 2018 Leadership Conference & Retreat has come and gone but the excitement, encouragement, enrichment, and energy will certainly propel those that attended into next year’s conference.
“Vision: Immeasurable, Undaunted, Fulfilled” which is the overall theme for Christ Holy Sanctified Church for 2018, certainly made a great impression on the conference as one of CHSC’s young and upcoming ministers, Min. Renee (Udell) Alsandor, opened the conference with the presentation entitled, “Who Do you Work For?”  Dr. Ida Ullrich of Houston, TX followed with “Following and Harmonizing with Your Leader”.  Madi Stonier not only proposed, “Is the Sky the Limit”? but she ministered to those who desired a prophetic word from the Lord – and without charge.  Pastor Robert Horton led the men’s forum/workshop, “Addressing the Dropout Problem in the Church” while Madi Stonier led the women’s workshop.  We can not tell you what First Lady Debbie and the First Ladies had to say because “what happens in the First Ladies’ workshop, stays in the workshop.”  Dr. Michael Tidwell gave us “A Christian’s Model for Understanding Vision” and Apostle Joel Rudolph just “took us to church!”  Bishop Brown wrapped it up with “Just How Plain Do You Want It?”.  He continued sharing about the major corporations and non-profit organizations that partner with CHSC and the resources that are available at no charge.  Bishop Brown then gave those attending a first-hand preview of the 2018 Holy Convocation including the sharing of world-renowned guest speakers that are coming to us.
We want to acknowledge many first-time attendees and a specail acknowledge to the many young future leaders that attended, the youngest being only 19 years old. 
Make your plans to join us next year, January 24 – 26, 2019, at the beautiful La Torretta in Houston, TX.