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Installations, Consecrations, Convocations &  Fellowships
Bishop-elect Titus Smith, 2nd Assistant Presiding Bishop of Christ Holy Sanctified Church, will be consecrated to full bishop on March 14, 2020 in Dallas, Texas during the Texas North Holy Convocation.   Make plans to attend this most momentous and worthy Episcopal Consecration and celebration banquet.

Positions Available

In support of the organization being committed to “FIT” (Fairness, Integrity, and Transparency), the following positions are open: 
Assistant Treasurer
Responsible for reporting the organization’s financial position with regards to fund accounting and general ledger.  Must be knowledgeable and proficient with General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and help ensure the solvency of the organization.  Must be bondable as will make deposits, transfers, prepare checks, and reconcile the organization’s accounts.  Knowledge of Quickbooks Pro is a plus.  Direct Report: General Treasurer.
Financial Secretary Assistant (2)
Responsible for assisting with the collection, recording, importing, and reporting of individual fees, payments, and offerings relating to clergy, jurisdictions, and auxiliaries.  Reports to General Financial Secretary and works with Assistant Treasurer, finance committee, registrar and other performing entities.  Direct report: General Financial Secretary. Knowledge of Excel required and able to save/copy to organization’s data repository.
Budget & Financial Business Analyst
Responsible for preparing and overseeing the general and specific fund accounts (classes) budgets of the organization dynamic processes.  Must be able to prepare pro forma from short term to up to 5 years,  Proficient in forecasting and project management is a plus.  Knowledge of accounting terms and Quickbooks Pro a plus.
Application Systems Support Business Analyst
Responsible for the health of organization’s Clergy Management and Resource System (CMRS).  Able to analyze and organize data fields for report queries and other reporting.
Registrar Assistant (1)
Responsible for assisting with Leadership Conference, General Convocation, special events, and national auxiliary related registrations both online and onsite.  Reconciles funds collected with Financial Secretary (or assistants) and able to import/interface with CMRS.  Knowledge of Excel required and able to save/copy to organization’s data repository.
If you have an interest and the skill required for any of the above positions, please contact Helena Johnson via e-mail at hbjohnson@chschurch.org or via cell at 562.619.9742. 

Honoring Bishop J.N. Crittendon

Bishop Jimmy Norvel Crittendon has announced his retirement as the Jurisdiction Bishop of Texas North effective March 18, 2017.  In honor of this great man of God, the Texas North Jurisdiction will be honoring Bishop J.N. Crittendon and his family during the 2017 Texas North Holy Convocation as well as during a banquet on Saturday, March 18, 2017.
 All leaders and members of Christ Holy Sanctified Church, leaders of other organizations and, the ecumenical community are invited to be part of this grand celebration.
Banquet Information
Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 3:00 PM
Tickets: $50 per person
Attire: Formal
Location: Johnson Street Christ CHSC – 4954 Ramey St. – Fort Worth, TX
Contact: Sis. Linda Harrison – 817-478-1878 office or 817-495-2238 cell 
Donation/Love Offering
If you desire to send a love offering or other well-wishes in honor of Bishop Crittendon, please make payable to Bishop J.N. Crittendon and mail to:
Bishop J.N. Crittendon – P.O. Box 19243 Fort Worth, TX 76119-1243
(if check is payable to Texas North CHSC, please note “BIshop Crittendon” in memoi
Program Book Ads
Ads must be received by February 26, 2017
Full Page
Color – $100
B/W – $50
1/2 Page
Color – $50
B/W – $25
1/4 Page and Business Cards
Color – $25
B/W – $12.50

Stand Against Same Sex Marriage

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(Los Angeles, CA – May 11, 2012) The recent proclamation by the President of the United States regarding his support for same-sex marriage has divided many from all walks of life and political persuasions.  Also, included are those in the religious community and particularly those of the Christian faith.

As presiding prelate of the Christ Holy Sanctified Church of America, Inc., and on behalf of the Board of Presbytery, pastors, and congregants of the Christ Holy Sanctified Church, I, Bishop Craig Brown, Presiding Prelate of the Christ Holy Sanctified Church of America, Inc., hereby affirm the following:

The institution of marriage is between one man and one woman as established by God according to Genesis 2:24.  God created male and female (man and woman) for the enjoyment and pleasure of each other in marriage.  According to Hebrews 13:4, “Marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled.”  That is, the union of marriage, from the earliest recordings of civilizations and cultures, has always been between a “man and a woman” (male and female).  Therefore, despite new-age thought or personal opinions from those who are regarded in high esteem, we, the Christ Holy Sanctified Church, yet maintain our position that marriage is reserved for those of the opposite sex (man and woman – male and female) as ordained by God and written in His Word.

As people of God, we pray for our leaders and our government; even when some of their religious views and values are flawed.  We also proclaim that we love everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or other vices that have a stronghold on their life because God, ”…is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” (2 Peter 3:9).

Therefore, let it be known that the Christ Holy Sanctified Church does not condone same-sex marriages and is opposed to any laws or ordinances allowing such unions and stands unashamedly firm – not wavering – regarding this matter and disavows any of its clergy in performing same-sex marriages.


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