Bishop Elmer L. McBride

Presided 1985 – 1991

Builder of Churches; “Innovator”


As superintendent (presiding elder) of District No. 1 of the State of Texas, Superintendent Mc Bride had the largest district within Christ Holy Sanctified Church.  Being a faithful member and follower since the early 1950’s, E.L. Mc Bride was elected First Vice President of the organization in 1975 and was subsequently appointed as Overseer of the State of Texas.

 After the illness of Bishop U.S. King in 1985, then First Vice President and “interim” Presiding Bishop, E.L. McBride, was confirmed as only the third president and presiding bishop in the 75-year history of Christ Holy Sanctified Church.  Despite predictions from some outsiders that the organization would split, Bishop E.L. McBride proved that Christ Holy Sanctified Church was a “family,” and the family would stay together.

Numerous administrative innovations came under Bishop Mc Bride’s leadership.  He built a Bible and Christian school, grades K – 8.  During his tenure, the Board of Presbytery (Board One) expanded to its highest number of fifteen.    In addition to Bishop Mc Bride’s experience in the Christ Holy Sanctified Church, in 1985, he was also elected as the vice president of the Federated Pentecostal Churches, International.