Auxiliary Bishop Edward G. Udell, Director


   Global Missions

Sis. Tryphosa & Bishop U.S. King

Sis. Tryphosa and Bishop U.S.King

In the early 1900’s, Mother Sarah A. King established the “Home and Foreign Mission Society” as a department that helped women of all ages, and primarily those that were disadvantaged and unlearned, in becoming better mothers, wives, and servants of God.

During the 1960’s and later years, Bishop Ulysses and Sister Tryphosa King carried on the vision of “missions” started by Mother King by carrying the gospel and extending a helping hand to those in several countries in Africa as they took several teams over the course of many years.  Many churches and “missions” were established during that time.  Mother Lola Hayes also did mission work in Tijuana, Mexico and other parts south of the border.

After the deaths of Bishop U.S. and Sister King, the organization’s priority towards foreign mission diminished, leaving a void in sending and supporting missionaries and maintaining a presence in foreign countries.  But, the harvest is still truly plentiful and we are excited for the opportunity to rebuild the mission objective and directive and continue the vision of Bishop and Sister King.

“38/38 Club” Mission Support Plan

What is the “The 38/38 Club” Mission Support Plan? Simply, we are asking that you pray 38 minutes a week (5.4 minutes per day) and share a recurring gift of as little as 38 pennies ($0.38) or as much as $38 a month toward the “international missions” budget.  Or, you may wish to make a one time contribution of $100, $50, $25, or any other amount.  Whatever the Lord puts in your heart to assist the mission’s department budget will be greatly appreciated.  These funds will be used to:
  • Contribute toward shipping costs (via DHL) of much needed items/supplies and care packages
  • Help train pastors in Uganda, Liberia, and Nigeria
  • Offset travel expenses for planned missions trips
  • Build schools and orphanages
  • Repair existing churches
  • Purchase food, supplies, equipment, and much needed materials (Bibles, computers, clothing, furniture, medical/sanitation supplies)
Freedom School pix1

Freedom School – Uganda

Go into all the world…what a tremendous privilege it is to be serving the Lord on the foreign mission field. Christians worldwide should be celebrating the fact that our Savior is alive, and that we have the opportunity to share this Good News with everyone we meet – in foreign lands, and in our back yard. All it takes is saying “Yes, Lord, I will.” We invite you to consider being a part of our work, through going, giving, and praying.”
(Helping Hands Mission Organization).

What Else Can You Do?

For the challenges that lie ahead of us, it will be impossible for one person to carry out global missions work; this must be a united team effort that will grow beyond the lifetime of the present leadership.  There are some that are willing to be “local global missions coordinators” in their churches, willing to work with CHSC in continuing to build a successful missions ministry (locally) as well as develop our foreign missions work in Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia, and other parts of the world where we have contacts.  These persons will also help coordinate short-term missions trips for those from CHSC ministries, as well as friends of CHSC.

Please join in with Elder Edward Udell, Sr., Director of Missions for CHSC, in helping to continue the vision and directive.  “One can chase a thousand; two can put 10,000 to flight”.

Pastor & Mrs. Lubega Ibrahim with orphans

A Church Without Walls…

and a roof, doors, floor, seats…. We are helping to support churches and missions that literally do not have walls or any other semblance of a place to worship God.  Yet, these “warriors” continue to preach the gospel as best they can with what little they have but they need our help.  For just a few pennies a day (in local currency), you will help provide shelter, lights, furniture, sanitation and other conveniences we truly take for granted.  Won’t you pray and ask God to guide you in what it is you can do to help those that are less fortunate than us here in America?

Christ Power Ministry CHSC (Pastor Moses Doweah) - Liberia, Africa

Christ Power Ministry CHSC
(Pastor Moses Doweah) – Liberia, Africa