Bishop Georgia Evelyn Jones

Presided 2006 – 2008

Encourager & Gap Stander; “The Mighty Woman of God”

The sudden and unexpected resignation of Bishop B.R. Brown catapulted Bishop Georgia E. Jones into the office of the presiding bishop and president of Christ Holy Sanctified Church at a tumultuous time in the 95th year of history of the organization.  As the first female superintendent and overseer of the state of Louisiana, Bishop Jones also became the first female consecrated as a bishop in the Christ Holy Sanctified church in 2002, ushering in the Episcopal liturgy of ordination and consecration to the organization.  Bishop Jones was later elected as the first female vice president of Christ Holy Sanctified Church in 2004, and confirmed presiding bishop and president in January 2006.  As one who always preferred to “stay in the background,” Bishop Jones enjoyed esteeming and elevating others, especially younger leaders, to positions of prominent recognition and experience.

Bishop Jones was one who loved giving leadership information and providing resources to the Board Members.  Also, she was second to none in her stewardship, as she always gave above and beyond what was required for her reporting.  She gave compassionately and was always the first partaker in any fundraising rally.  She relished being able to share her revelatory knowledge; she was anointed to preach the Gospel under a powerful conviction leaving the Saints of God spell-bound and rejoicing in the Lord.  Like her mother, the late Evangelist G.E. Smith, Bishop Jones was a soul-winner, establishing churches and rebuilding congregations throughout the State of Louisiana.

Despite challenges to her health, Bishop Jones always said, “Yes,” when it came to doing the will of God.  Whether it was traveling to the various conventions, representing the office of the presiding bishop, or standing as the advocate general for the church in complex legal matters, Bishop Jones stood for what she believed and never backed down from challenges threatening the integrity and authority of the organization and the office of the bishop of Christ Holy Sanctified Church.

Under her leadership, in 2007, the organization ratified its first set of revised Bylaws in nearly 61 years.  Bishop Jones served faithfully and untiringly until her death in 2008.