Get on the Wall

A great way to Partner with your organization
Nehemiah was determined to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem when he returned from captivity in Babylon.  Despite the daunting task and the opposition, he rallied the Jews that they would no longer be a reproach.  All of the people, partnering together, with half holding a weapon while the other half held construction materials.  One back with another’s back – Partnership!
GET ON THE WALL is a “partnership”, loyalty fund-raising program of the Christ Holy Sanctified Church (CHSC). While there is no “physical” wall to be repaired, we have a conceptual wall of rebuilding the organization.  Therefore, the purpose of “Get on the Wall” is for CHSC members, churches, families, and friends worldwide to show their commitment to the organization by donating a as little as $12 monthly for individuals, or $1/day ($30/month, $365/annually) for CHSC churches, or a one time contribution “In Honor or Memory of” (minimum of $200).  These funds will be used to support the overall operating budget of the organization such as foreign missions, scholarships, and administrative support for the presiding bishop’s visits to various functions and events in the U.S. and in foreign countries.  
3 Ways to Get on the Wall!
Get on the Wall
Get on the Wall
Get on the Wall
The purpose of the Individual Commitment is for all Christ Holy Sanctified Church members worldwide to show their commitment to the organization by donating. This is an affordable amount to allow everyone to participate.  You can partner by donating as little as $12/month or as much as $50 per month.  Whatever the Lord places on your heart, the amount is totally up top you. is totally up to you.
The purpose of the Church Loyalty is for all Christ Holy Sanctified Church assemblies (your local church) worldwide to show their loyalty to the organization by donating just $365 annually – only $1 per day.  Each church auxiliary is challenged to partner with their church in  reaching this affordable goal of only $365 per year.
The purpose of the “In Honor of” donation is to make a one-time donation in “Honor” of a family member or other loved one who was once a part of CHSC and has now gone home to be with the Lord. 
As a family member, you can make a one-time and permanent “In Honor Of” donation in their memory, thereby, placing their name(s) permanently on “The Wall” as a testament of their service to CHSC.  Your siblings or anyone else can also make a donation as well.
While it is hoped that every member and every church in CHSC will take part by committing on a recurring monthly basis or annually, participation is optional. 

The “GET ON THE WALL” is a monthly or annual partnership that can be set-up as a recurring donation.  The Wall funds are used to support the presiding bishop’s (or his representative) visits to various functions and events in the U.S. and  in foreign missions that are a necessary and vital part of operating the organization.  Most important, these funds will help support most worthy programs such as planting new churches, assisting struggling churches, and the enhancement of the annual Holy Convocation.

Stay on the Wall (keep your name on it) by making a recurring donation.  Don’t “fall off” the wall but, stay on!  Are you on The Wall?  If not, “Get on the Wall”  today!