Get on the Wall

GET ON THE WALL is a loyalty fund raising campaign of the Christ Holy Sanctified Church (CHSC) that went into effect during the 2013 National Convention.  The purpose is for all CHSC members, churches, and families worldwide to show their commitment to the organization by donation annually just $20 (individuals), $1/day or $365 (CHSC churches), or a one time contribution “In Honor or Memory of” (minimum of $200).  These funds will be used to support the presiding bishop’s (or his representative) visits to various functions and events in the U.S. and in foreign missions that are a necessary and vital part of operating the organization.  Most important, these funds will help support most worthy programs such as the CHSC Education Scholarships, planting new churches, assisting struggling churches, and the enhancement of the annual conference.
Add your name to “The Wall” during the 2016 National Convention, August 15 – 19, 2016.   Yes, see your name on the physical representation of the wall – located in the lobby of the convention center.  Those getting on the Wall during the 2016 Convention will also have their names added to the “virtual” wall on the website.  If you are unable to attend the convention, you can pay online to get on the wall.   Click on the Link above.