Please Help Us Help Our Churches and Members
as they help those in their communities
Pictured – New Temple CHSC, 3830 Pine ST., Beaumont, TX.  Built in 1966 and on several acres of land, served as the convention site in conjunction with Cable Street Church and the Julie Rogers Theater after relocating from Concord Street.
A Special Message from Bishop Craig E. Brown
It’s heart-breaking to see so hundreds of thousands of individuals and families fending for their lives as a result of this terrible disaster.  For many, there will possibly be no recovery or “normalcy” for many years.
Christ Holy Sanctified Church has several churches and thousands of members that live, work, and worship in the affected areas and the unimaginable flooding of their homes and houses of worship is devastating.  
Donations will be sent to the Jurisdiction or District offices in the affected areas which will be distributed among the CHSC churches.  And while we may not be able to re-build a church, we certainly can help buy water, clothing, and personal items for our members and the communities they serve.
Won’t you help now?  Because, “Little is much when God is in it!”  Look under “Special Donations” – Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.
God bless you.