Bishop James Earl Williams

Presided 1991 – 1998

Administrator & Planner; “Mountain Mover”

Taking the leadership of the church in 1991, Bishop J.E. Williams became one of the youngest presiding bishops of Christ Holy Sanctified Church at the age of 47.  Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Bishop Williams started preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the age of 15 and became one of the up and coming leaders in Christ Holy Sanctified Church.

Upon moving to California, he married the love of his life, Alice King, the oldest daughter of Bishop U.S. and Tryphosa King.  Later, this young couple and their children moved to Sacramento, California and pioneered missions and churches, winning hundreds of souls for the Lord.

Ascending to the rank of superintendent, Bishop Williams became a member of the Board of Presbytery (Board One) of Christ Holy Sanctified Church, becoming one of its youngest members.  Through the years, he would become Overseer of the Western Diocese, Third Vice President, and in 1991, he was elected the presiding bishop and president, immediately going  to work as the Chief Apostle of Christ Holy Sanctified Church.

Under his administration, Bishop Williams established policy and guidelines, as well as training for all churches to come into compliance with local and federal laws governing religious organizations.  Bishop Williams established stewardship accountability and responsibility among the leadership ranks, and more bishops were consummated under his administration than in any other.  As a result of Bishop Williams’ charisma and love of Christ, many pastors who had no denominational tie joined in with Christ Holy Sanctified Church.