Members Online Office

Christ Holy Sanctified Church is committed to transparency with regards to contributions, donations, and other fees made to the organization and we are pleased to announce that another phase of the Church Management and Resource System (CMRS) is complete.
Effective March 12, 2017, clergy will now have the ability to track their individual contributions (such as offerings, official honorariums), donations (such as “Get on the Wall”), and their Credential Fee payments and pledges.  A special URL has been sent to all clergy on file to view and update “individual” demographic information.  Having the ability view your individual contributions will enable us to correct (“fix it”) any discrepancies or contributions that may have been mis-posted.
In addition, beginning 2017, reports will be made available during the Leadership Conference and online for all clergy that will list contributions to specific funds such as Credential Fee payments and giving toward the Official Honorarium made by all CHSC clergy. 
What information will I update
While there are many fields in the CMRS system, you will only have to update your street address, city, state, zip, and phone number. We do no not request nor store social security, driver’s license numbers or credit card information in the Members Online Office.    
Why is the information necessary?
As with most mainline church organizations, CHSC needs to know the status of “all” its churches and clergy in order that we maintain the highest level of accounting and servicing of all clergy.  Church information is required for the IRS for Group “umbrella” Exemptions – Integrity. Also, we want to ensure that you are informed (via e-mail) regarding changes and announcements as quickly and as accurately as feasible.  
Why will certain fund accounts be made available?
In researching the records (as far back as 1952), payments/fees made by the clergy and deacons to specific funds in support of the organization were published annually.  In addition, the late Bishop J.E. Williams reported the financial support by each state overseer and Board One member – “Tithe of Tithe”.
What if I do not see payments, fees, or offerings that I made?
As with any porting of data or transition, while all funds made it to the organization’s bank and those funds were posted to the General Ledger system, it is quite possible that detail information was not accounted for.  For example, several churches pay all of their clergy fees or honorariums with one check; however, we may not have known who to credit the detail to.
Another issues was that our former bank did not track individual names when payments were made via swipe.  They only could provide the last 4-digits of the credit card. Unfortunately, we did not know this until late December during the year end reconciliation.  If we did not record the name at the time of the swipe or if an envelope was not complete, we may not have been able to credit your payment into CMRS.  Effective 2017, this has been resolved with our new credit card gateway and interface.
If you are certain that you made a payment for credential fees or the official honorarium, please send a copy of the check (check number) or the the credit card transaction to Supt. Stanley Kerr at and we will record your information.