Bishop Robert Lee Swain
Presided 2008–2010
Mentor & Ministerial Alliance Builder; “The Polished Preacher & Parliamentarian”
Bishop R.L. Swain, Sr. is from a family lineage and heritage that is one of the deepest and longest in the Christ Holy Sanctified Church.   His knowledge and understanding of the organization’s history is foremost, as he is one of the few individuals among us today who has been a member of Christ Holy Sanctified Church for 70+ years of the organization’s 100-year existence.  His mother, the late Bertha B. Charles, was a pioneer in Christ Holy Sanctified Church and the president of the Home and Foreign Mission Society (Womens Department) for many years.  Delaying his plans to retire from “active” leadership, Bishop Swain stepped in at a most critical time to lead the church after the passing of Bishop G.E. Jones.Bishop Swain has had the pleasure of working in and / or directing every key position in the organization’s structure; from being president of the youth department and minister’s alliance of the state of Texas as well as pastor of several churches, superintendent, overseer, vice president to now, presiding bishop and president. As a highly respected minister in the North Texas area, Bishop Swain is counsel and a liaison to law enforcement, a community leader in city government, and the “dean” of the various ecumenical alliances.Bishop Swain has a passionate love for literary works and will often merge the writings of famous authors and poets into his sermons.  He is a masterful teacher and an anointed preacher of the Gospel and exemplifies excellence and etiquette in sermon preparation and delivery.  As a Bible scholar, he taught many who ascended to leadership roles within the organization how to read and study the Bible.