Administrative | Structure



Christ Holy Sanctified Church, founded in 1910, is a 501(c) California Non-Profit Religious Corporation with both affiliate and wholly owned subsidiaries established throughout North America and Africa.  Subsidiaries are defined as follows:

Wholly Owned Subsidiary – Those congregations (local assemblies) which are under the control of the parent corporation, particularly with regards to real property.  Day-to-day operations are under the control of the senior pastor and board of trustees.

Affiliate/Fellowship Subsidiary – Those congregations (local assemblies) which have complete autonomy with regards to its day-to-day operations, financials, and real properties.  These congregations operate autonomously and are under the control of the senior pastor and board of trustees.

Wholly Owned and Affiliate/fellowship Subsidiaries are both under the “Ecclesiastical” governance and sovereignty of the National Corporation (Parent Corporation) and convention of churches.


The Christ Holy Sanctified Church is a hierarchical structure with the Board of Presbytery (Board One) being the executive and ruling body.  Board One is comprised of individuals that are jurisdictional bishops or presiding elders (superintendents) that have been elected by members of Board One or elected from the members Pastors’ Council (per available seats).

Ecclesiastically, dioceses, jurisdictions, districts, and the local assemblies are what make up the national organization.   The national departments (auxiliaries) of Women, Sunday school, Youth (H.Y.P.B.S. – Holy Young People Bible Study), Evangelism, Usher, and Music serve throughout the national conventions and are a pattern for the jurisdictions, districts and local churches.  The Pastors’ Council is open to all senior pastors of the organization as a conclave for providing support, encouragement, court of appeal, and as constituents for the Board of Presbytery

The Board of Administration (Event Planning, Convention Services, Hospitality, Leadership Conferences, Transportation, Audio Service, Public Relations and Corporate Communications, etc.) executes the planning and logistics for all national related conventions, events, activities annually and throughout the year.

The support staff of the organization consists of the Departments of Finance and Accounting, Budget, Adjutancy, Credentials and Compliance, Special Honors, Presentations, and Recognition, and many select committees and councils provide day-to-day operational and administrative support.