Councils & Select Committees

Pastors’ Council
Pastor Robert Horton, President

The Pastors’ Council (“the Council”) is the gathering of all senior pastors of the Christ Holy Sanctified Church for the purpose of strengthening the bond that is uniquely prevalent between all pastors, regardless of denomination or organization, but, in addition as particular to the “field lieutenants” of Christ Holy sanctified Church.  The Council also serves as a sounding board where spiritual, persona,  and administrative issues can be heard in a confidential setting and recommendations given and/or the next course of action can be initiated.  The Council also serves as a “court of appeal” in the event a pastor feels they have not been fairly dealt with by those in superiority.

Effective 2009, the Council has the privilege of nominating up to four candidates for election by the Board of Presbytery (Board One) as the presiding bishop (president) and assistant presiding (or vice-president) of the Christ Holy Sanctified Church.  And, the Council can elect members from its own ranks as members of the general board (Board One) whenever eligible seats are available.

The members of the Council lead by example and are first partakers; therefore, they strongly encourage subordinate clergy in being good stewards regarding financial participation at all levels of the national organization.