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What Is the Leadership Conference and Retreat?
The Christ Holy Holy Sanctified Church (CHSC) Leadership Conference was initially conceived as the “Ministers Sharing Forum” in 1981 by the late Bishop Ulysses King as a three-day gathering for pastors and other ministers.  The purpose was meet “outside” of the normal church or convention environment and provide training, development, and the tools necessary for the growth of the local congregations. And, for ministers to literally “share” the challenges they were facing in ministry and the expectation of others sharing solutions.
Over the past 30 plus years, this humble gathering of ministers has evolved into a conference and retreat setting that taps present day leadership concepts and methodologies from Corporate America management, business professionals such as Medical Doctors, Attorneys, Psychologists, Technologists, and CPAs to renowned Christian leaders from small to mega church ministries.
Why the Leadership Conference and Retreat?
The original focus of the leadership conference was targeted mainly for those in pastoral ministry. However,  the CHSC Leadership Conference and Retreat is now centric for leaders who are involved in any area of church ministry and leadership – not only just ministers. In fact, the materials presented in many of the sessions, workshops, and forums can be applied across many areas of leadership, both spiritual and secular, because no matter what arena of leadership individuals are in, they all face many of the same challenges.
While the majority of the attendees are accustomed to church and convention settings, the Leadership Conference and Retreat is a business and management style conference that begins and ends at specific times and with specific parameters and objectives.  It is also a “business casual” atmosphere. After the conclusion of each day, attendees are free to rest and reflect, take tours, go shopping, play a round of golf or other sporting activity, and just “meet and greet” with old and new friends during dinner at many of San Antonio’s fine restaurants.  Also, many leaders and their spouse take time out from their rigors of “church” and enjoy much needed time together.  

Christ Holy Sanctified Church – Its Mission

The primary ministry objective of Christ Holy Sanctified Church is to convene conferences and conventions on a district, state, jurisdiction, and national level in order to perform functions and conduct business necessary in the administration and growth of its fellowship churches.

The specific purposes of this corporation is to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout every hamlet, city, village, state, county, and the world in order to win individuals into the Kingdom of Heaven and promote spiritual growth by means, but not limited to evangelism via worship services, television, radio, Internet, personal encounters through its members, fellowship, affiliate churches, conventions, training conferences, schools, and colleges.




Christ Holy Sanctified Church, founded in 1910, is a 501(c) California Non-Profit Religious Corporation with both affiliate and wholly owned subsidiaries established throughout North America and Africa.  Subsidiaries are defined as follows:

Wholly Owned Subsidiary – Those congregations (local assemblies) which are under the control of the parent corporation, particularly with regards to real property.  Day-to-day operations are under the control of the senior pastor and board of trustees.

Affiliate/Fellowship Subsidiary – Those congregations (local assemblies) which have complete autonomy with regards to its day-to-day operations, financials, and real properties.  These congregations operate autonomously and are under the control of the senior pastor and board of trustees.

Wholly Owned and Affiliate/fellowship Subsidiaries are both under the “Ecclesiastical” governance and sovereignty of the National Corporation (Parent Corporation) and convention of churches.


The Christ Holy Sanctified Church is a hierarchical structure with the Board of Presbytery (Board One) being the executive and ruling body.  Board One is comprised of individuals that are jurisdictional bishops or presiding elders (superintendents) that have been elected by members of Board One or elected from the members Pastors’ Council (per available seats).

Ecclesiastically, dioceses, jurisdictions, districts, and the local assemblies are what make up the national organization.   The national departments (auxiliaries) of Women, Sunday school, Youth (H.Y.P.B.S. – Holy Young People Bible Study), Evangelism, Usher, and Music serve throughout the national conventions and are a pattern for the jurisdictions, districts and local churches.  The Pastors’ Council is open to all senior pastors of the organization as a conclave for providing support, encouragement, court of appeal, and as constituents for the Board of Presbytery

The Board of Administration (Event Planning, Convention Services, Hospitality, Leadership Conferences, Transportation, Audio Service, Public Relations and Corporate Communications, etc.) executes the planning and logistics for all national related conventions, events, activities annually and throughout the year.

The support staff of the organization consists of the Departments of Finance and Accounting, Budget, Adjutancy, Credentials and Compliance, Special Honors, Presentations, and Recognition, and many select committees and councils provide day-to-day operational and administrative support.






National Auxiliaries/Departments

The National Departments (Auxiliaries) of the Christ Holy Sanctified Church serve the church body in general and functions throughout the year providing leadership, fund raising, and seminars and training sessions during the general convention and leadership conferences.

Each department president and executive staff members serve a four (4) year term as nominated by the respective department executive staff and elected and approved by the Board of Presbytery.  There are no limits on the number of terms that may be served.  However, some departments positions are appointed (versus being elected) and serve at the pleasure of the organization, therefore, have no set limit of service.



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