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Christ Holy Sanctified Church – Its Mission

The primary ministry objective of Christ Holy Sanctified Church is to convene conferences and conventions on a district, state, jurisdiction, and national level in order to perform functions and conduct business necessary in the administration and growth of its fellowship churches.

The specific purposes of this corporation is to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout every hamlet, city, village, state, county, and the world in order to win individuals into the Kingdom of Heaven and promote spiritual growth by means, but not limited to evangelism via worship services, television, radio, Internet, personal encounters through its members, fellowship, affiliate churches, conventions, training conferences, schools, and colleges.




Christ Holy Sanctified Church, founded in 1910, is a 501(c) California Non-Profit Religious Corporation with both affiliate and wholly owned subsidiaries established throughout North America and Africa.  Subsidiaries are defined as follows:

Wholly Owned Subsidiary – Those congregations (local assemblies) which are under the control of the parent corporation, particularly with regards to real property.  Day-to-day operations are under the control of the senior pastor and board of trustees.

Affiliate/Fellowship Subsidiary – Those congregations (local assemblies) which have complete autonomy with regards to its day-to-day operations, financials, and real properties.  These congregations operate autonomously and are under the control of the senior pastor and board of trustees.

Wholly Owned and Affiliate/fellowship Subsidiaries are both under the “Ecclesiastical” governance and sovereignty of the National Corporation (Parent Corporation) and convention of churches.


The Christ Holy Sanctified Church is a hierarchical structure with the Board of Presbytery (Board One) being the executive and ruling body.  Board One is comprised of individuals that are jurisdictional bishops or presiding elders (superintendents) that have been elected by members of Board One or elected from the members Pastors’ Council (per available seats).

Ecclesiastically, dioceses, jurisdictions, districts, and the local assemblies are what make up the national organization.   The national departments (auxiliaries) of Women, Sunday school, Youth (H.Y.P.B.S. – Holy Young People Bible Study), Evangelism, Usher, and Music serve throughout the national conventions and are a pattern for the jurisdictions, districts and local churches.  The Pastors’ Council is open to all senior pastors of the organization as a conclave for providing support, encouragement, court of appeal, and as constituents for the Board of Presbytery

The Board of Administration (Event Planning, Convention Services, Hospitality, Leadership Conferences, Transportation, Audio Service, Public Relations and Corporate Communications, etc.) executes the planning and logistics for all national related conventions, events, activities annually and throughout the year.

The support staff of the organization consists of the Departments of Finance and Accounting, Budget, Adjutancy, Credentials and Compliance, Special Honors, Presentations, and Recognition, and many select committees and councils provide day-to-day operational and administrative support.






National Auxiliaries/Departments

The National Departments (Auxiliaries) of the Christ Holy Sanctified Church serve the church body in general and functions throughout the year providing leadership, fund raising, and seminars and training sessions during the general convention and leadership conferences.

Each department president and executive staff members serve a four (4) year term as nominated by the respective department executive staff and elected and approved by the Board of Presbytery.  There are no limits on the number of terms that may be served.  However, some departments positions are appointed (versus being elected) and serve at the pleasure of the organization, therefore, have no set limit of service.



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These pages are centric to various levels of the Christ Holy Sanctified Church.  In order to view these pages, navigate to the desired sub-menu under Member Login and provide the password.

Sis. Tryphosa & Bishop U.S. King

Sis. Tryphosa & Bishop U.S. King

In the early 1900’s, Mother Sarah A. King established the “Home and Foreign Mission Society” as a department that helped women of all ages, and primarily those that were disadvantaged and unlearned, in becoming better mothers, wives, and servants of God.

During the 1960’s and later years, Bishop Ulysses and Sister Tryphosa King carried on the vision of “missions” started by Mother King by carrying the gospel and extending a helping hand to those in several countries in Africa as they took several teams over the course of many years.  Many churches and “missions” were established during that time.  Mother Lola Hayes also did mission work in Tijuana, Mexico and other parts south of the border.

After the deaths of Bishop U.S. and Sister King, the organization’s priority towards foreign mission diminished, leaving a void in sending and supporting missionaries and maintaining a presence in foreign countries.  But, the harvest is still truly plentiful and we are excited for the opportunity to rebuild the mission objective and directive and continue the vision of Bishop and Sister King.


“38/38 Club” Mission Support Plan

What is the “The 38/38 Club” Mission Support Plan? Simply, we are asking that you pray 38 minutes a week (5.4 minutes per day) and share a recurring monthly investment of 38 pennies ($0.38) or, 38 dimes ($3.80) or, 38 quarters ($9.50) or, 38 half-dollars ($19.00), or $38 a month toward the “international missions” budget.  Or, you may wish to make a one time contribution of $1,000, $500, $100, $50, $25, or any other amount.  Whatever the Lord puts in your heart to assist the mission’s department budget will be greatly appreciated.  These funds will be used to:

  • Help train pastors in Uganda, Liberia, and Nigeria
  • Offset travel expenses for planned missions trips
  • Build schools and orphanages
  • Repair existing churches
  • Purchase food, supplies, equipment, and much needed materials (Bibles, computers, clothing, furniture, medical/sanitation supplies)

“Go into all the world…what a tremendous privilege it is to be serving the Lord on the foreign mission field. Christians worldwide should be celebrating the fact that our Savior is alive, and that we have the opportunity to share this Good News with everyone we meet – in foreign lands, and in our back yard. All it takes is saying “Yes, Lord, I will.” We invite you to consider being a part of our work, through going, giving, and praying.” (Helping Hands Mission Organization).

Freedom School pix1

Freedom School – Uganda

What Else Can You Do?

For the challenges that lie ahead of us, it will be impossible for one person to carry out global missions work; this must be a united team effort that will grow beyond the lifetime of the present leadership.  There are some that are willing to be “local global missions coordinators” in their churches, willing to work with CHSC in continuing to build a successful missions ministry (locally) as well as develop our foreign missions work in Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia, and other parts of the world where we have contacts.  These persons will also help coordinate short-term missions trips for those from CHSC ministries, as well as friends of CHSC.

Please join in with Elder Edward Udell, Sr., Director of Missions for CHSC, in helping to continue the vision and directive.  “One can chase a thousand; two can put 10,000 to flight”.

Pastor & Mrs. Lubega Ibrahim with orphans

Pastor & Mrs. Lubega Ibrahim with orphans

A Church Without Walls…

and a roof, doors, floor, seats…. We are helping to support churches and missions that literally do not have walls or any other semblance of a place to worship God.  Yet, these “warriors” continue to preach the gospel as best they can with what little they have but they need our help.  For just a few pennies a day (in local currency), you will help provide shelter, lights, furniture, sanitation and other conveniences we truly take for granted.  Won’t you pray and ask God to guide you in what it is you can do to help those that are less fortunate than us here in America?

Christ Power Ministry CHSC (Pastor Moses Doweah) - Liberia, Africa

Christ Power Ministry CHSC
(Pastor Moses Doweah) – Liberia, Africa

News and Events



Leadership Conference and Retreat

January 22 – 24, 2015 – SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS. The 2014 Leadership Conference and Retreat was beyond expectations as pastors, spouses, and ministry leaders from across the country gathered in San Antonio, Texas for edifying and life-changing seminars, workshops, relaxation, and fellowship.
We are now looking forward to the 2015 Leadership Conference and Retreat and it is time to make your plans to attend. Take advantage of the CHSC special lodging rate of only $99 at the beautiful Holiday Inn at the San Antonio Airport, Texas, which includes a complete, hot breakfast, free shuttle service and other amenities.  “Early” conference registration at $75 per person is now open through December 15, 2014.  After December 15th, the “regular” registration pricing of $85 is in effect.   

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Help us send missionaries to Nigeria, Liberia, and Uganda as we do the “Great Commission”.  You can help with a one time contribution or joining our “38/38 Club” – praying for 38 minutes per month and contributing $38, or $48 half-dollars, or 38 dimes, or as little as 38 pennies per month.


link_scholarship_stripCHSC supports and encourages all individuals striving for undergraduate and post-graduate degrees.  Scholarships are open to all members of Christ Holy Sanctified Church and awarded based on the criterion established by the Scholarship Committee.  Deadline for applying for scholarships will be updated in early 2015.

link_contact usSend an e-mail to our Public Relations and Corporate Communications (or any other department or personnel) or, be added to or updated in our e-mail lists to receive periodic Newsletters, updates,  and other information relating to CHSC.

Make a Donation

As the Lord leads, you can make a donation to any of the organization’s projects, auxiliaries, departments or general fund.
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“Developing Exceptional Leaders for the 21st Century”

Craig Brown 1408_pngBishop Craig Brown will be presenting biblical support for women in leadership, particularly as relating to their role in the church (ministry) and in contrast to their role(s) and relationship with their husband and family outside of the ministry.  He will also be sharing with pastors regarding their administrative roles as well as updating the general conference on changes and expectations regarding the national organization and the 2015 national convention. 
jim landry-3_pngPastor Jim Landry is the senior pastor of Christ Outreach Ministries in Beaumont, TX. As an author of 10 books, Pastor Landry brings an explosive approach in the areas of spiritual warfare and ministry team building and will be sharing insightful, proven concepts that get right to the heart of the matter for leaders needing strongholds broken,.   
Debbie 2008_pngFirst Lady Debbie Brown will oversee the “women only” forums and seminars with hard-hitting subject matters that are plaguing many individuals in our churches but often are not addressed and subsequently remain unresolved.  These seminars, workshops, and dialogues are not for the “faint-in-heart”.  Because of the popularity and success of these past “women only” sessions, more time has been allotted for this year’s session for the women. 
LoganPastor Ricky Logan leads the men’s forums and seminars and will address and share issues relating to “real life” challenges facing God’s men and leading in dialogues in which no one can hide.
Bishop Probasco3_pngBishop Richard Probasco is the senior pastor of New Song Church, which is one of the largest and multicultural churches in Portland, OR, and he will be sharing on topics that deal with understanding the culture while preaching the Gospel, including building multicultural churches without compromising traditional and core values, and pastoral emotional health.  The “take-aways” from these particular sessions will be a complete, comprehensive workbook package to implement in your local church, but that’s not all. Bishop Probasco is offering to share more in-depth and personal over dinner for those who desire.  Get your reservation in early for dinner.
 patrice harrison_pngElder Patrice Harrison will be working with First Lady Debbie Brown and sharing in the women’s forums and seminars as well as the general sessions regarding her faith and trust in God through some of life’s most trying experiences
Helena Johnson_pngHelena Johnson, a manager for one of the largest communication companies in the world will be bringing us up-to-date on the latest “bits, bytes, terra, giga, mega, cloud…well, not perhaps to that detail, but she will be presenting some insightful technology that is beneficial for growing the local ministry
elgin pringle_pngElder Elgin Pringle, III, a fourth generation “PK” and son of the church, has been involved in all aspects of church affairs literally since birth.  Like so many, the time comes when you move from the observation deck and onto the battle-ground.  “Yes I Do – Passing the Mantle!” is a poignant seminar from the perspective of this young man who will help nudge some to step aside and encourage others to step up. 
Bishop Earnest Williams_pngBishop Earnest Williams will be sharing how, often times, men walk around with masks, covering the hurt, pain, disunity, and non-accountability. This seminar will challenge men to walk in the freedom that God has ordained
Mae Williams_pngPastor Mae Williams, as a first lady also shares the pastoral duties with her husband in Tulsa, OK and knows there are times when, like the troubling of the waters in Bible, we must be in the proper place to receive all that God has for us.- to ‘Take Charge of the Atmosphere” and being in tune with the move of God as well as discerning the wiles of the enemy.


Regular Registration 

Early registration has expired and regular pricing of $85 is now in effect.  There are sill a few registrations available but we expect a capacity attendance.  Register now in order to guarantee your space.


$85 – Individual
Includes all conference materials, admission to all general assembly and breakout sessions, and complementary Reception on January 21, 2015. 
5%  – group of 5 – 9 ($80.75 each)
10% – group of 10 or more ($76.50 each)

Make Your Hotel Reservation

The CHSC room block for the 2015 Leadership Conference is completely sold-out as of December 15, 2014.  However, there may be cancellations since December 15th allowing you to take advantage of the $99/room CHSC Rate.   Please note that this is not guaranteed.  Please contact Superintendent Stanley Kerr for the most updated information.
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The weather in San Antonio during the conference is expected to be cold and possibly wet.
There are many exciting activities, workshops, discussion panels for men only/women only, and tours planned for this year’s Leadership Conference and Retreat. 
Wednesday, January 21, 2015
      • 3:00 – 11:00 PM Check-in to Holiday Inn
      • 4:00 – 7:00 PM – Pick up of registration packages
      • 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM – Welcome Reception for conference registrants
Thursday, January 22, 2015
    • 7:30 – 9:00 AM - Complementary Breakfast for all registered guests
    • 8:30 AM - 12 Noon - Board Meeting of Board of Presbytery
    • 11:00 AM – Registration Opens
    • 12 noon Lunch
    • 12:45 – 1:15 PM - Opening Session and “What you should know”
    • 1:00 – 2:15 PM - “Yes I Do – Passing the Mantle!” Elder Elgin Pringle
    • 2:15 – Break
    • 2:30 – 3:30 PM - “Women’s Roles in Leadership” Bishop Craig Brown
    • 3:45 – 5:15 PM - “Casting Vision With Measurable Results/Pastoral Emotional Health” – Bishop Richard Probasc
    • 5:30 PM -Dinner / Free-time
Friday, January 23, 2015
    • 7:30 – 8:45 AM - Complementary Breakfast for all registered guests
    • 8:45 – 9:00 AM – Conference Review/Instructions
    • 9:00 AM – 12 Noon - “Women Only Seminars & Forums: (Not for the faint in heart” First Lady Debbie Brown, Eld. Patrice Crittendon, facilitator
    • 9:00 – 10:15 AM - Men Only Seminar 1 – “Brother I See You But I Can’t Feel You” Bishop Earnest Williams
    • 10:30 AM – 12 noon - Men Only Seminar 2 – “Facing Goliath: Conquering the Giants Men Face” Overseer Ricky Logan
    • 12 Noon – Lunch
    • 1:30 – 3:00 PM  – “Spiritual Authority and Leadership” Pastor James Landry
    • 3:00 PM – Break
    • 3:15 – 4:15 - “Taking Charge of the Atmosphere” – Pastor Mae Williams
    • 4:30 – 5:30 PM - “Shepherding Those Who Shepherd/How to Deal With Conflict” Bishop Richard Probasco
    • 5:45 PM - Dinner / Free-time
Saturday, January 25, 2015
  •  8:45 – 9:00 AM – Conference Review/Instruction
    • 7:30 – 8:45 AM – Complementary Breakfast for all registered guest
    • 9:00 – 10:15 AM – “Mobility and Leadership” Mrs. Helena Johnson
    • 10:30 – 11:45 AM - CHSC 2015 “At a Glance” Bishop Craig Brown
    • 11:45 AM  – Closing Remarks