Christ Holy Sanctified Church – Our Mission

The specific mission of this corporation is to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world throughout every hamlet, city, village, state, county, and continent in order to win individuals into the Kingdom of Heaven and promote spiritual growth by means of, but not limited to, evangelism via worship services, television, radio, Internet, personal encounters through its members, fellowship, affiliate churches, conventions, training conferences, schools, and colleges.

In support of our specific mission, the primary ministry objective of Christ Holy Sanctified Church is to convene conferences and conventions on a district, state, jurisdiction, and national level in order to perform functions and conduct business necessary in the administration and growth of its fellowship churches.
Christ Holy Sanctified Church of America, Inc. was founded and charted in Keatchie, Louisiana in 1910.  It is also formed as a California non-profit, religious corporation and has a 501(c)3 (Letter of Determination) with the Internal Revenue Service.