Senior and Presding Bishops of Christ Holy Sanctified Church

In 1910, Arch Bishop Judge and Mother Sarah King founded the Christ Holy Sanctified Church of America, Inc. (CHSC) in Keachie, LA.  Since 1910, there have been seven (7) presiding bishops between 1910 and 2010: Arch Bishop Judge King, Bishop U.S> King, Bishop E.L. McBride, Bishop J.E> Williams, Bishop B.R. Brown, Bishop G.E. Jones, and Bishop R.L. Swain.  Bishop Craig E. Brown was elected in August 2010 during the organizations 100th year celebration (re-elected in 2016) and currently serves as the eighth presiding bishop of CHSC.

Arch Bishop Judge King - Senior Bishop 1910-1945
Bishop U.S. King - Senior Bishop 1946-1985
Bishop E.L. McBride - Senior Bishop 1985-1991
Bishop J.E. Williams - Senior Bishop 1991-1998
Bishop B.R. Brown - Senior Bishop 1998-2005
Bishop G.E. Jones - Presiding Bishop 2006-2008
Bishop R.L. Swain - Presiding Bishop 2008-2010
Bishop Craig E. Brown - Presiding Bishop 2010-present