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2016 Leadership Conference and Retreat

** San Diego… Here We Come **
Be sure to check out the most updated information concerning the 2016 Leadership Conference and Retreat at the DoubleTree Golf Course Resort – January 21-23, 2016.

Help Our Hurting Children


You or your church are encouraged to contribute toward this ongoing shipping effort.  Please submit your special gifts and include the memo “GMO – Uganda Shipping” in the comment box. As CHSC is a 501c(3) religious organization, all contributions, regardless of the amount, are tax-deductible.

Civil war, bloody carnage, and national disruption caused by former strongman, Idi Amin, have left many hurting and poverty-stricken families in Uganda. Many still cannot care for themselves, or their offspring who now have children. Idi Amin Dada, who became known as the ‘Butcher of Uganda’ for his brutal, despotic rule whilst president of Uganda in the 1970s, is possibly the most notorious of all Africa’s post-independence dictators. Estimates for the number of his opponents who were either killed, tortured, or imprisoned vary from 100,000 to half a million.

Elder Ed Udell, our volunteer Director of Global Missions, meets with one of the village pastors practically every week via Skype for pastoral training, and via Facebook and e-mail almost daily for an update of needs of the adults and children still recovering from war, poverty, and lack of economic assistance. There is a need for fresh water and sanitation which could combat malaria. There is a need for books, supplies, equipment, and sports equipment for the small school, and land and animals to help villagers sustain themselves.

Currently, there are 55 orphans and 5 of their own children that our Ugandan pastor and wife are caring for.  They are needing immediate help for housing, food, clothing, school supplies, school equipment, communication devices, and other needs.  Only $20 will help with the full care of one orphan.  Your church can sponsor one orphan by sending $20 monthly, dedicated to one of these children.  Contact Elder Udell for a name of a child to sponsor, sex of the child, age of child, and a picture of the child.  The caregivers will help the child write a monthly letter to his or her sponsor, letting them know how the funds were used, and how they are doing, with a different picture of the child, or village.  Here are some pictures of the work in progress:



Uganda Village-1

Help from friends in village

Uganda Village-4

Building a facility lifts the spirits

Uganda Village-3

Roof is almost completed

Uganda Village-2

Wall almost finished

Uganda Children

Let’s build these children a home in Uganda



Send your donation of $5, $10, $20, $100, or $1,000 or more!

You can also join “The 38/38 Club” — agree to pray for 38 minutes a week for this project (only 5 minutes and 26 seconds a day!) and give $38 dollars a month, or 38 50-cent pieces, or 38 quarters, or 38 dimes, or 38 nickels, or even 38 pennies a month toward this project.  You may send your tax-deductible partnership gift to:

The Uganda Project

c/o CHSC – 38/38 Club
P.O. Box 201997 – Arlington, Texas 76006

A Message from Bishop Brown

As a youngster going with my parents to the national conventions in Beaumont, Texas, I remember so well how excited I was to be part of the organization’s annual gathering of the saints from all over.   There was nothing quite like it.

One year, I remember wanting to eat in the little cafe/coffee shop at the Castle Motel on 11th Street (not hotel, but, “motel”) and, as I was about to walk over, my father called me into his room and told me that he had paid my convention registration which, back then,  included breakfast and dinner at the church.   Having had my own little summer job as a lifeguard, I (respectfully) asked why he paid my registration being that I didn’t want to eat at the church everyday – I wanted to eat out with the other young people.  He then replied, “Registration supports the convention, whether you eat at the church or not.  Everyone is supposed to register even if they do not come to the convention.”   I’ve never forgotten those words.  Registration truly does help support the national program.  And, it’s not only for those who physically attend the convention.

When considering the minimal costs an out-of-town adult delegate might pay attending the convention for 5 days: the average airfare at $300, lodging at $80/day, and meals at $30/day – this totals to $850.  This does not include extras such as costs of clothes, car rental, etc.  If a CHSC member, not local to the convention site, does not attend the national convention for whatever reason (employment, school, life-changing event, health/medical reasons or just decides not to attend) and does not have the $850 expense, the least they should do is support by paying a registration fee of $50 and to be on record.  This also applies  for those who live local to the convention (no lodging expense, restaurant expense, travel expenses, etc.); the least they should do is support with a registration fee of $50.

I remember those saints from our little local assembly who desired to travel to Beaumont but sometimes were just not able to go and how happy and proud they would be knowing they had paid their “convention support fees” and other financial representation.  In fact, that’s all we heard during the testimony service (remember testimony service?) the week after the convention. And, when the convention minute books were printed listing their names (along with so many others from around the country), as having supported the organization and its objectives, you would have thought they had won a grand prize – they were genuinely happy.

For those of you planning on attending and, in addition to registration, paying your credential fees, giving in the various expense offerings, and showing your love by giving in the various honorariums and after offerings, do know that I am so very appreciative of your support and loyalty to the Christ Holy Sanctified Church.  For those of you who will not be attending the convention this year – for whatever reason – to know that you are planning to support the conference by registering, on behalf of the organization – thank you!  And, unlike the days of old (and because of advancements in shipping technology), we have the capability to send you the convention registration package in a timely manner.

May I count on each of you, as members of Christ Holy Sanctified Church, to support your organization?  After all, if we do not support what is ours, we should not expect anyone else to.


Because of Calvary,


Bishop Craig E. Brown



Honors and Recognition Letter

TO: All Superintendents, Bishops, and National Auxiliary Presidents
FROM: Bishop Craig Brown
RE: Special Honors, Presentations, and Recognition

  This communication is regarding the criteria for nominating individuals for awards and other recognition that will be presented during the Unity Banquet – Special Honors, Presentations, and Recognition segment. Last year over 50 awards and special recognition were presented to well deserving CHSC members – past and present; living and those with the Lord.  And this year, while the award recipients may be fewer, they will still be as prestigious as ever. Please take the time to “recommend” individuals you feel are deserving of recognition for their contributions to CHSC; whether 30 years ago, yesterday, active, inactive, former, or current with regards to CHSC organization.  There are approximately 14 different award categories, therefore, it is okay if an individual is recommended in more than one category, based on the award criteria.  And, please keep in mind these awards are reserved for individuals that attended and/or participated at the national meetings over a consistent time frame.

What is the time frame?

In order for the committee to have the appropriate time to receive the recommendations, compile, notify the recipients, and prepare the awards, please complete the questionnaire and return to Rev. Deloise Siller at or Rev. Benita Jones at by June 25th of each year.  If you have questions or need clarity, please do not hesitate to contact Rev. Siller or Rev. Jones

What’s Next?

Download the Criteria for Nomination and SHPR Questionnaire forms/documents and gather your thoughts as to individuals you feel are deserving of any of these awards.  You can even discuss your thoughts with others, but of course, please use discretion and certainly be prayerful as you recommend those you feel are deserving of specific recognition from the organization.  The only dumb questions are the ones that go unasked, therefore, if you have questions or need clarity, please contact Rev. Siller and she and the committee will assist you. These awards will be presented at the Unity Banquet – the Honors, Presentation, and Recognition portion or during a special portion during the Holy Convocation.  Preparation is underway and we believe this annual presentation of awards will not only “give honor to whom honor is due,” but it is our prayer that many others will be inspired and encouraged, not to seek recognition, fame, or honor, but to work faithfully as unto the Lord in the organization that we all love. Please participate and return your questionnaire as soon as possible and let us help strengthen the bond of love and fellowship and, in some cases, bring healing and resolve.  Remember, this privilege is only reserved for National Auxiliary (Sunday school, Women’s and Youth) presidents, Superintendents, and Bishops of CHSC.  Do not let an opportunity pass by to nominate well-deserving individuals under your oversight and from your department.

Lodging Options

Here is the most recent update regarding lodging.
CHSC has a room block with the La Quinta at the rate of $75.  Presently the Hampton Inn & Suites and the Best Western Inn & Suites (the newest hotel nearest the convention center) are only extending “guaranteed” room blocks to CHSC at this time.  Guaranteed means that CHSC would pay for any rooms not picked up by delegates.  Because there are delegates spread out in several  hotels ranging from the Hulen/Bryant-Irving area (I-20 – west of I-35), the Forest Hill Convention Circle area (I-20 east of I-35), guaranteeing rooms is not in the best interest of the convention.  However, it is recommended that Hotel Internet Search Sites such as Priceline, or Expedia be used to secure your lodging rooms at this time.  As of June 22, 2014, our research indicates that at least two of these search engines are competing well for our business during the dates of the CHSC convention.


Group code and rate:

LA QUINTA INN & SUITES  – La Qunita FH Image3346 Forest Hill Circle, Forest Hill, TX 76140  Map

Stay Dates: Sat August 09, 2014 – Sun August 17, 2014
Must book rooms by: 08/06/2014    Pre & Post Nights

To confirm your rooms, you must call Reservations at 1-817-293-5800 and say you want to confirm with the Christ Holy Sanctified Church group.

Price Room Type Tax
$75.00 USD 1 King or Queen Bed + 13.00%
$75.00 USD 2 Double Beds + 13.00%



Other recommended hotels expected as lodging options near the convention center are:

    • Hampton Inn and Suites – the best rate offering is via Internet search engines (Priceline,, etc
    • Best Western Inn and Suites – the best rate offering is via Internet search engines (Priceline,, etc.)
  • Some have obtained lodging as low as $55/night using Internet search engines.

Downtown Fort Worth lodging options:

  • Hilton Hotel
  • Embassy Suites

Arlington-Six Flags Area

  • Hilton Hotel (this is the hotel where the presiding bishop and guests are staying)

2016 Leadership Conference Details


The 2014 Leadership Conference Itinerary will be made available very soon; however, as with the past two conferences, there will be workshops specifically designated for women and men leaders, challenges facing church leaders (and solutions), financial integrity, health/medical forums, advances in technology and much more.

Important Dates

Onsite Registration for the conference is now in effect and the cost is $85 per person and includes all workshop materials, packages, meet-and-greet reception, and refreshment breaks. Also, very reasonable lodging rates have been arranged for all attendees with the Holiday Inn; however, you must now contact the Holiday Inn directly for the possibility of booking a room at the group rate.  This is a newly, renovated hotel with all of the hotel extras including special discounts for breakfast.




As leaders, especially those in pastoral leadership, you can literally become like a frog boiled in water.  Burnout happens so gradually and subtly that you do not realize it until it’s too late.  And the aftermath can be devastating, not only to ourselves, but to our families and congregations.

Pastor Gerold and First Lady Tryphena Williams will share their experiences and successes in dealing with and overcoming burnout.  If you have not been there, don’t go there.  And if you have, then find out how to get out.


If you have every been in a fight, then you understand that the best way to have the victory over your opponent is to understand your opponent.  You must know his moves, his skills, and his weaknesses in order to gain the upper hand.  More importantly, you must acknowledge you own weaknesses and understand how the opponent may exploit those weaknesses to gain the advantage.

Bishop Craig Brown will be sharing from personal experiences and excerpts from his 4 part Bible study series that will undoubtedly cause you to re-think your approach personally and to those you are leading.


If you thought the leading was all a bed of roses, you certainly need to attend this seminar.  For  many years, most have only seen or heard of the glitz and glamour of leading God’s people.  But there is a “dark side.”  The side we, many times, are not so quick to share with others.  And this is the side that can perhaps help us help others from experiencing and falling into the same pitfalls.


We see them every day.   At church, at work, at play, but most of all, at home in the mirror – masks.  We all try to either be what we are not or we cover up what really is taking place in our lives.  This is where the enemy wants us to be; in a place where we cannot deal with our issues and receive the deliverance we so badly need.

First Lady Debbie Brown and Co-pastor Pamela Kerr will present and lead in dialogue topics and issues that are prevalent for women in leadership.  And this is a closed session for women only and is only for those in attendance.


In today’s society, sometimes the lines can be fuzzy as to what people say a “real man” is.  Even cultures have different views on how a man should function and what his responsibilities are.  Well, the gloves are coming off in this seminar as Pastor Ricky Logan, Superintendent of the So. California – SW Diocese CHSC, will provoke those in attendance to what God says about a “real man”.  And, in the end, what God says is what matters.  This session is not for those who are “too deep”, timid, or perfect.  It’s for men only that want to be real about their walk and service to the body of Christ.


Death & Grief Counseling
The Church Helping Our Boys and Young Men of Color

The Spiritually and Emotionally Healthy Leader (Seminar and Panel)
The Importance of Covenant Relationship
Destined, Driven, Dedicated – 2014 at a Glance


SEE YOU IN 2014!

Reserve the dates for the 2014 CHSC National Convention which will be held at the Forest Hill Convention Center August 11 – 16, 2014 with the Unity, Honors and Recognition Banquet on August 9th and the pre-convention Concert on August 10th. With the 2013 National Convention going down as perhaps one of the best, you do not want to miss next year’s National Convention. Planning has already started including options for “super discounted” registration packages which would incorporate all activities for those that desire to participate in multiple functions (banquet, concert, breakfasts, purchasing media products, etc.)  These packages will offer savings up to 20% versus purchasing them separately (a la carte.)  And, there will also be the same opportunity to become a part of the 2014 “CHSC Top 100” – the first 100 individuals (including group registrants) that pay for their registrations once the registration period officially opens.  This year, several CHSC Top 100 individuals were surprised with $25 gift cards as a token of appreciation for their support.  And, as Bishop Brown said, “We may not be able to give away cars like Oprah, but you never know what might happen next time.”

2013 CHSC Convention – Update 07/27/13

CHSC Logo reg resiz

July 27, 2013

Summary Program Schedule – 2013 Christ Holy Sanctified Church Convention


General Convention Summary of the 2013 Convention is now available.  The detailed schedule is only availalble in the National Program Convention, which is included with the Convention Registration package or purchased separately.


IT COULD BE YOU! Yes, you could be a recipient of an award during the Unity, Honors, and Recognition Banquet which will take place in the Fellowship Center of Johnson Street CHSC on Saturday, August 10, 2013 at 6:00 PM. Ticket price for “non presenters” and “non recipients” is $40.  To view and print the Banquet Flyer with more information, click here.

This year’s event will be very historic in that 14 different award categories will be bestowed upon current and past members of CHSC who participated at the national level and we are already close to capacity limits. Therefore, unlike previous years, unreserved ticket will not be available for purchase at the door.  It is imperative that you purchases your ticket(s) online by July 31, 2013 in order to guarantee your seating.

To purchase tickets securely online, click here, or go to; click on Register > Regular Registration & banquets. For further information, please contact Rev. Deloise Siller at or Dr. Beverly Pringle at


chsc - concert 130712 (2)You don’t want to miss this grand event taking place on Sunday, August 11, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. at the Forest Hill Convention Center.  Many groups, choirs and soloist will be featured along with some of CHSC’s very own.  Each year, the Pre-Convention Concert rises to a new level with local as well as out of town singers and musicians converging to make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Ticket are only $8.00 (in advance) and $10 (at the door) with children’s prices (ages 5-14) at $6.00 and can be securely purchased online.

Only a limited number of tickets remain so make your plans now to attend.  Come out and support the National Music Department of the Christ Holy Sanctified Church.

If you desire to be participate as part of the Music Department of CHSC (adult or youth choir, musician, or praise team), please contact or Kamie Horton at (choir and musicians).  For the Praise and Worship Team, please contact Carla Williams at  Rehearsals at 1:00 p.m. daily in the Music Room at the Convention Center.


Registration for the CHSC 2013 National Convention remains open.  The regular registration cost is $60 through August 5, 2013 which includes the 2013 convention program book, ID badge, discounts at local restaurants, conference bag, registration materials and other “bag stuffers”.  Discount savings are still applicable for churches and groups registering 5 or more – Platinum, Gold, and Silver packages.


All CHSC clergy and spouses are invited to a breakfast meeting with Presiding Bishop, Craig Brown, on Friday, August 17, 2013from 8:15 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. at the Forest Hill Convention Center.  The cost is only $3 per person (yes, $3 per person) and includes a full hot breakfast with all of the trimmings but you must pay for your ticket(s) no later than August 13, 2013 in order that we have an accurate count for the caterer.  Unfortunately, there will be no “walk-in” tickets available (for breakfast) on the day of the meeting.

The purpose of the breakfast meeting is to bring all clergy and spouses up-to-date regarding the Presiding Bishop’s vision and direction for CHSC and other organizational centrict information as well as an opportunity for you to dialogue or ask questions.

Tickets for the breakfast meeting may be securely purchased online or at the registration counter but must be done no later than Tuesday, August 13, 2013.


There will continual prayer each day during the convention each morning one hour prior to the day services and each evening from 7:00 p.m. until the end of service.  If you desire to be a part of this vital ministry, please contact Mother Hannah Coble, National Prayer Chaplain, at for further details and time slot assignments.


Ushers are needed to assist in the Convention Center.  We need ushers from throughout CHSC nationally to participate and be a part of the day, afternoon, and evening schedules during the convention.  Please contact Sandra Nichoolson at


We look forward to seeing you and if you have any questions or need further information, please contact Christy Wafer at



The Public Relations and Corporate Communications Department, Christ Holy Sanctified Church